Fanning Orphan School 1884-1943

Charlotte Fanning’s desire to provide girls all the privileges that education could bring, together with her husband Tolbert founded and operated a series of schools throughout the later 19th century and into the early 20th century. Hope Institute began in 1865 following a fire which had destroyed Franklin College, established by Tolbert Fanning two decades earlier. The Institute ceased operation in 1874 following his death. Ten years later, Fanning Orphan School was established by the widowed Charlotte and an appointed Board of Trustees, thirteen in number. The stated purpose was for “orphan and homeless girls to be provided a home where they would “find sympathy, love, and healthful companionship, and where, in connection with receiving a literary education, they will be trained in the practical art of home-keeping and in general usefulness and nurtured in the fear and service of God.” [Catalogue 1904-05]

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